Notes over vinho branco and potato chips…

Hello again!

I’ve written my first blog for Nat Geo’s site and it’s just in the final stages of being edited in DC. Since that will go up soon with all the news I’ll just post something I wrote the other day at the cafe next to the old whaling station…

Rihanna is playing out over the water from the cafe where I’m enjoying a vinho branco and a bag of patatas fritas. Earlier it was “Gangsta’s Paradise.” A man walks by singing along and dancing… “we fell in love in hoOopeless place…” Twenty minutes ago, not 50ft from where I now sit, I was walking the cobbled path of the ramp at the whaling factory, thinking about the sperm whales that were hauled up these stones. Here their skin sloughed, their bodies were cut into, and their blubber was removed in a spiraled fashion much like the way we try to remove as much of an orange peel as possible. Their blood, their guts, spilled across these stones where my feet now pause. Stones that now overlook the sunbathers of Porto Pim, a bay that used to run red with blood from the whales. A young boy with a floatie wrapped around his waist runs for the water. Times have changed. It has been four years and I am no longer shocked by the images of whaling. How do I transmit this? I need to remember that for others everything is new… 

The bottom of the ramp at the old Porto Pim Whaling Station

Also, you guys have to meet the critters I live with. The dog is Pipa and the cat is Kitty, and they are awesome friends. They play together all the time and it’s just too darn cute! 


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