Goodbye to an old whaler…

Just wanted to share the passing of José Luís Garcia, age 81, one week ago. I interviewed him four years ago during my Watson and was very much looking forward to speaking with him again this time. When I arrived here and started setting up interviews I learned that he was very sick and bed-ridden at home. Soon after I learned he was in the hospital and had contracted pneumonia, and a few days ago I heard of his passing. This news showed me how important it is to be recording as many men’s stories as I can right now, as time truly is running out. I will remember Senhor Garcia for the room of his house he spoke with me in, which was covered wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling with pictures of his family, saints, soccer, whaling, and one of JFK. May he rest in peace…

José Luís Garcia shows me his lance at his home as he recalls the stories of whaling – “the best time of his life.” Photo by Gemina Garland-Lewis, 2008.

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