Final post up on NG and goodbye from the Azores!

Greetings from my last day in the Azores – it’s been an incredibly fast six-plus weeks since I arrived from Tuscany. I had a wonderful gathering tonight with old and new friends here to say goodbye, which was a beautiful way to end my time here. I definitely couldn’t have accomplished what I was able to in the end without the help of people here, and it was wonderful to have so many of them gathered around the same table. While I’d like to write more about what this past week has held for me, I’m going to leave you now (as it’s 1a.m. and I need to be at the airport at 10…) with my final post that went up on National Geographic’s Explorer’s Journal today. Unless there’s free wi-fi in one of the Azorean airports tomorrow, my next contact will be from Boston! It’s been a fantastic time here and I just want to give a truly heartfelt thanks to all who’ve been involved for their support. More to come soon…!

A wooden harpooner stands poised in the bow of an old whaling boat during the Semana dos Baleeiros festivities in Lajes do Pico. Photo by Gemina Garland-Lewis.

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