National Geographic Explorer Moment of the Week

Hi all!

For those of you following my Azorean whaler grant work here, I just noticed that one of my stories was posted as an Explorer Moment of the Week on National Geographic’s site. Check it out and enjoy!

Hoping to have some road trip stories up soon…


National Geographic News Article

When I visited National Geographic’s headquarters in March to present my work with the Azorean whalers, several conversations were started with various realms of the organization to get the stories and images of these men out. Today one of those conversations finally went live as an NG News piece! Hope you enjoy! 

National Geographic Radio Interview


My most recent radio interview for National Geographic’s radio show “National Geographic Weekend” aired on March 31st. Listen along to some of my stories from the Azores and read the summary of my interview and the other NG radio interviewees from this past weekend!

My Instagram feed has also been picked up by National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary website – scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to see my images and other Explorers’ as well! I’ll be featured on the site for the next few weeks and will be posting new images from my work in the Azores last summer.


One of the sailing crew walks among the whaleboats before the start of the regatta during Semana do Mar in Horta, Faial. Photo by Gemina Garland-Lewis.