Gemina’s photography has been published in a variety of works over the last 10 years, including National Geographic Student Expeditions catalogues, “Whaling in Faial” by the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Nikon and Photographer’s Form Best of College Photography, and the Colgate Scene. After her year of research and travel during the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, she published a book of photojournalism entitled “Once Upon A Watson: A Year’s Journey Into the World.” A past recipient of the Rhode Island School of Design Annual Art Award, her work has been shown widely over the years in her home town of Santa Fe, NM. Her work can be viewed online at her website.


Gemina has been interviewed twice by Boyd Matson, host of National Geographic Weekend, about her project in the Azores as a National Geographic Young Explorer. Interviews aired in the spring of 2012 and the spring of 2013.


Gemina has spoken to several introductory and advanced photography classes at Santa Fe Preparatory School, and lectured as a returning Watson Fellow at Colgate University. She was chosen as the alumni speaker for the 2010 Senior Luncheon at Santa Fe Preparatory School. Most recently she was a guest speaker for the “A Ciênca no Bar” lecture series hosted by Observatório do Mar dos Açores in Horta, Faial for her presentation on whale cultures around the world.


In addition to her writing in “Once Upon A Watson,” Gemina maintained a blog of her travels as a Watson Fellow. She is a contributor to National Geographic Student Expeditions, National Geographic Explorer’s Journal, and StrictlyFishWrap blogs.


Gemina and her work on Azorean whalers were featured for the Explorer’s Journal section in the January 2013 issue of National Geographic Portugal magazine for the 125th Anniversary edition. In May 2013, National Geographic News posted an article containing images from the Azores and some of the whalers’ stories she recorded during her work as a Young Explorer Grantee.


Gemina’s photographs are on show in a permanent multimedia exhibit on whaling in Faial in the Museu dos Baleeiros in Lajes do Pico, Azores.

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