Article in “Fazendo” – local Azorean newspaper

Hello again all!

As always, my apologies for the few posts up these days. I’ve been meaning to put this up for about a month now… An interview with me was recently published in a Faial-based periodical called “Fazendo.” The article is in Portuguese and the full edition can be found here. The page on the left is my interview. I’ve also posted it at the end of this update. Enjoy!

Also, I’ve received some very exciting contact from the editor at National Geographic Portugal regarding publishing an article on my grant in the coming months. I’ll be sure to update everyone as I get more solid information on this!

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Portraits up of Azorean whalers

Hello all!

I have been working hard on getting my images sorted through and writing up my final report for National Geographic. I recently turned in my top 30 edits to NG and am a few days away from sending in my final report. In terms of further work (article, book, etc), that will probably have to wait until my five-week break from school in December/January. Today I finished editing my favorite portraits of each of the thirty men who I interviewed – the two whose wives I spoke to as well are pictured as a couple. These are now up on my website here. Please visit and enjoy!

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